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The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature. ~ Joseph Campbell.

Starting a journal has helped me write down my dream of winning the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2044. It has helped me pick up the human heart beat of UBER, teach the law of Dharma to the ISIS and understand how darkness can be a gift.

For my children, I’ve learnt how to raise Generation Z in a Postfigurative society and how to be a good parent. I wrote on how it feels to have a daughter about a daughter I’ll never have. Writing about the Modern Family and the marital adversity has helped me contemplate on the necessity of spooning hard.

Learning compassion has helped me prescribe an antidote to self loathing and reach out to those who feel they’re better off dead. In the search for life’s meaning, I created the Dharma chronicles that has everything you want to know about Hinduism and meditation.

Reading has taught me the how and the what of eating animals and that it is possible to pick up grit on the way to greatness. Talking to a United States Navy Seal who’s living on the side walk of Atlanta downtown has enriched my life as an Indian American mom.

Being in nature has taught me that if I were to stand still, I might even listen to those throaty crickets. Traveling has helped me understand the cardinal wisdom of Native Americans and that its possible to sustain on Aruba’s Geology.

Being a former data analyst, has helped me learn that I can collect search hits if I give a krash kourse on The Kardashians, Stand up to Amy Schumer, write an open letter to Lena Dunham and wonder what Nicki Minaj is doing with an anaconda. Warning, extreme satire ahead.

Even if you have no time to read everything, I want you to put your monies on How to Practice Digital Minimalism or how to avoid hurtling towards a Digital Derailment. We’re living dangerously in an information overload landscape.



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