Who are we?

At Future STRONG we tell ourselves each day that life isn’t so bad after all. How do we do that? When we fall, we get up, dust off and kick ourselves in the rear to get going again.

Our Mission

We want to learn and grow each day and share valuable lessons we’re learning along the way. We want to be our own rock stars. So, excuse our progress while we perfect ourselves.

Target Audience

If you love to create, connect and collaborate, but don’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. Whether you’re a teen, an adult or a parent, there is something “lit” waiting for you.

Why #futureSTRONG?

There were 600 hours of video uploaded to YouTube in the 2 minutes you’ve been here. At this rate, you won’t be able to finish watching them all. Its a lost cause. Come join us instead.

For Teens

For Adults

For Parents

For Children

We’re collecting stories. We want yours.

Here’s how to submit.

Step 1:

You’ve a voice. You’ve a story. 

You’re the impact.

Step 2:

Other than how to make nuclear weapons, which we don’t think will do us any good, you get to pick your topic.

Step 3:

Write or send in audio or video to admin@futurestrong.org with a subject line: attn: submission. 

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