Find meaning by living each day with an attitude of gratitude, kindness, and intention.

Future STRONG ~ The future empowerment project

Here’s why your child is hooked onto social media

  Teenagers now average almost half of the amount of sleep that their counterparts did just a decade ago. Teenagers are finding themselves mostly distracted, lost and overwhelmed. And sadly the reasons have nothing to do with the academic pressure they face at school...

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What children teach us

  Our most rewarding journeys as a parent happen in the most imperfect parenting moments. It’s foolish to think that the kids don’t notice our shortcomings, it’s just that they have accepted us with our imperfections. Not a day goes by when my children don't remind me...

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Future STRONG – Know the Signs of violence

  Will debates work if there is no action?  16-year-old school shooting survivor, Lyliah Skinner, asked a question about gun access to teens: "As our legislators and leaders, they shouldn't be offering prayers and words, because those mean nothing. We need action,...

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Simplify ~ The better you project

Contemplate death so you can live and give more

  Living is a team sport. Dying is a team sport. ~ Timothy Leary.   A culture of denial:  When we talk about death, if we at all do, we don't entertain it for the exact experience of what it is. Genocides and decapitations happen elsewhere or on TV. Angelina Jolie...

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Embrace self compassion. And find the peace you seek.

  We all crave a sense of order, balance and calm in a world of information overload. And in this daily pursuit, we find ourselves even more lost. By adopting a compassionate approach to ourselves, we can stop chasing the perfect version of life that doesn’t really...

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You could’ve chosen to land your eyeballs anywhere. And yet, here you are.
So, thank you.
Humans are the only species that deliberately embark on difficult journeys by asking themselves, “Where am I going?”, “Who am I?” and “What’s my purpose?” For no apparent reason, we choose to complicate our lives. And these aha moments can even occur in the 4 boring seconds before the next Netflix recommendation starts playing.
That’s how I started asking questions like, “Do I matter?” and “What can I offer the world?” And found myself on a path to finding the purpose of my life while having the most positive impact on humanity.
I became a story teller. Namasté
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