Future STRONG Academy, a global initiative

to grow happy, industrious and resilient children in a world where distractions are just a swipe away.

What Does Future STRONG Do?

By creating awareness in children about their unlimited potential AND the limited time and energy resources they have, we give a purposeful direction to their personality. A sense of purpose brings satisfaction and happiness which in turn leads to a successful life. Happy children make our Future STRONG. 

Our classes are designed to be a part of the momentum that drives their life upward. In short, our program is like giving an extra tool kit for your child to stand out in a group of peers who excel in the same set of STREAM* skills. 

* STREAM: Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts Math

What Is Our Guiding Foundation?

Our children will one day face the real world without our support. Academic development is not the only skill they will need in the real world where people skills like taking the lead, emotional intelligence and a strong moral compass will determine who will shine. So, as parents who want to raise well rounded adults, we want to give them the right tools for their personal, social and emotional development.

Here are the 6 C’s that Future STRONG builds in children. 

How Does Our Curriculum Work?

Our curriculum is divided into three series – Engage, Energize and Empower.

The ENGAGE Series

The Engage series aims to turn children into curious learners by introducing them to interesting ideas. Instead of staying hidden in the crowd children learn to build a sense of engagement and purpose in their thoughts and actions.


The Energize series aims to inspire children to identify and build on their strengths. Children learn to become autonomous, take ownership of their choices and become dependable performers.

The EMPOWER Series

The Empower series is designed to transform children into high achieving adults. Children learn to find happiness and meaning in contribution, find the root of their problems and learn to overcome them.

What Is Our Teaching Methodology?

At Future STRONG, we don’t believe in telling children what to do. Instead, we guide them with open ended questions and prompts that help them reflect on their thoughts, find new perspectives and enable them to perform self guided actions.

The Method

At Future Strong we teach children concepts like confidence and communication skills through small group role-playing exercises formulated by a panel of experts of early childhood development certified teachers, social psychologists and counselors.

The Execution

Our tools are language and emotion and our environment is alive with people, ideas and situations. We offer after school programs with small classroom sizes. We also offer in-person individualized learning plans and crash courses if your child wants to develop a particular skill.

The Impact

As our children work towards tangible goals, you will find them giving elevator pitches of their interests, their ideas and their goals. The assessments they complete will show you the depth of their knowledge, leaving your children with lessons learnt outside of school that last a lifetime.

Why Do Children Need These Skills?

Our children need more than Aptitude skills to become great professionals. Employability Skills, like collaboration, team work and negotiation will help them shine in work place and in real life. Having a great attitude, a confident communication style and a value system can enable them to live up to their complete potential

Here are the 6 areas of personal and communal life that need to be in harmony: 







What Initiatives Do We Offer?

At Future STRONG, we constantly ask ourselves what prevents humans from soaring and reaching their highest potential. That is why we use tools like language and emotion to nurture the minds of our children because our future depends on them. Because technology is here to stay, we must also empower our children with what makes them uniquely human – compassion, creativity and a clarity of purpose. 

Here are the 4 initiatives that we offer:

1st-3rd grade: The Curious Child

4th-5th grade: The Balanced Child

6th-8th grade: The Motivated Child

9th-12th: The Good Citizen

Come Join The Future STRONG Academy.

Learn life skills. Pursue personal excellence. Build human potential. 

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