With gratitude, kindness and intention, let us energize, elevate and empower our own future. Let us make our Future STRONG.

While we can be power houses of creation and innovation, we cannot forget that, as human beings, we are guided by our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Advances in science, technology and engineering in the committed and compassionate hands of humanity is progress that is sustainable. Future STRONG fosters what helps human beings function optimally, develop resilience, and live their best lives. 

Our Logo was built with a well rounded future in mind. Purple stands for creativity and productivity, Green stands for mental health and Teal stands for joy and emotional balance.

If you’re looking to live a life of purpose, this is the space to equip yourself with information. Together, let’s find ways to support each other on this journey. Let’s grow and help others grow. Let’s energize, elevate and empower our own destiny. This is our Future STRONG. 

Together we are Future STRONG. 

How to determine if you’ve a digital addiction problem

  You're not completely to blame:  First, its not all about you, and your weak willed nature that's making you a screen sucking monster. Read about how Big Tech is engineering addiction. What's going on?  In countries like China and Korea, internet addiction is...

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Here’s why we’re addicted to technology

  Why we crave digital distractions?  Unlike real life that can be boring and monotonous, on the internet, even if you want nothing, you can always get something. When we are bored, lonely and feel like we’re unable to make a dent in the world like we want to, we seek...

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3 strategies to counter distraction addictions

  Predict, Mitigate and Eliminate distraction addictions: There are three ways we can deal with a myriad of distractions we face each day. Because managing distractions is a huge part of maintaining our attention on the big projects and long term goals of our life.  ...

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Creating an ideal environment for children to thrive

  How children thrive:  Children thrive in stability and predictability. They cannot find civility in chaos like some of us adults can. So, its up to us parents to give them the sense of security they crave for. It can be a tiny corner at home, on a stage where they...

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Connect with your child before you communicate

  Connection first, communication next:  Try this. Ask your child questions like, "Did you eat alone again at lunch today?" or "You look high. Are you doing drugs?" Did they suddenly become defiant and respond defensively? Of course, they did. OK, try asking them less...

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You know you’re a mom when..

  You've wondered about your fear of death, when the only thing you have always been petrified about is your child digging into that forbidden closet or the bathroom cupboard to find out the secret stash of “things”? You've looked down on the bathroom floor to see two...

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Future STRONG – Grit

  What is Grit?  There's a song in the movie Zootopia, which goes like this: “I won’t give up, no I won’t give in Till I reach the end And then I’ll start again” The song is about not giving up. Its about not giving up in the face of difficulty. Its about finishing...

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Future STRONG – Know the Signs of violence

  Will debates work if there is no action?  16-year-old school shooting survivor, Lyliah Skinner, asked a question about gun access to teens: "As our legislators and leaders, they shouldn't be offering prayers and words, because those mean nothing. We need action,...

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Future STRONG – Personal Growth Factor

Charles F. Kettering quoted once, "High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." Ask your children every morning, "What do you hope to aim for today? What new things do you plan to learn and try today?" The nature of change I recently read...

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