Pursuing Excellence. Building Potential.

Children want to be accepted for who they are. They want to feel worthy of love and belonging. And in a digital world where everyone else seems to be capable of extraordinary things, that journey starts with parents who are comfortable with their own self worth. 

For our mission to be successful, we at Future STRONG, believe in creating inspiration and action within the community of parents, teachers and children. We conduct workshops and seminars as part of our community outreach programs. 

Parent Workshops

Lead Everyday as a Parent:
A lot of what we do as parents is leading our children by example. It’s learning to let go and empowering them by being flexible and trusting them to do the right thing. Learn how to transform them into the leaders of their own life by modeling your own behavior.

What Children Want:
Understanding what children want is the first step in raising children who value the power of happiness, hard work and perseverance. Find out what children crave, why they rebel and how to create an environment that enables them to thrive.

Decode Teen Speak:
Grunts and shrugs seem to be a mainstay of any home that is raising teens. Some teens seem to be withdrawn while others are attracted to risky behaviors. Let us help you decode your child’s behavior, connect with them and raise a compassionate and contributing adult.

Stop Stressing, Start Living:
Chaos, self doubt, regret and over-thinking can disrupt peace. Stress can be counter productive enough, but are we using technology as a coping mechanism? Learn how to cope with self disappointment, how to develop a positive outlook and find meaning in contribution.

Master The Moment:
A mindful parent is a happy parent. A mindful parent who enjoys the present moment with all their senses can create an ideal environment for their child to thrive. Learn the tips and strategies on how to parent the iGeneration. Learn how to raise mindful children.

Rule Your Screens: Part I: Understanding addiction and strategies to combat it.
Technology is here to stay, and the way we’re living now is covering over the genius that makes us uniquely human. Only we have the power of imagination, intense curiosity, and can understand the cause and effect scenarios. But, are we really living upto our potential?

Rule Your Screens: Part II: The problem with Communication in the digital age.
We are measuring our social currency in the number of likes and hearts our Instagram or Twitter posts receive. But in the age of digital communication, do we truly understand what the intention, tone and meaning of the tweets and messages are?

You’re Worth It:
Embrace gratitude for what you already have so you can take on the future in a positive spirit. Learn how to abandon fear, shame, blame and judgment and live your best life ever. Start the journey with self acceptance and self compassion.

Not Just a GPA:
We raise our teens with the singular goal of making them college application ready. In a world where every child is on the honor roll, young adults who are equipped with making big decisions now will thrive both in their personal and professional lives later. Let’s not forget, resumes don’t build themselves overnight. Learn how to raise well rounded children.

Become a People Magnet:
Charisma is the art of inspiring others to action. Learn how to blend in, yet, stand out in a group. Learn the strategies for personal branding, leadership skills and a fabulous social etiquette. Learn personal skills like listening, empathy and relating to others.

Make Today Great Again:
Our relationship with our children, our life and our work – all depend on how we value ourselves and our strengths. Learn about setting expectations with yourself and others. Learn how to set an intention on your values and how you want to live life. Learn compassion, connection and contribution.

League of Your Own:
Our quality of life depends on the quality of our attention span, our sleep and the number of regrets we have. Refuel on productivity strategies like extending your brain and abstraction. Learn how to thicken your skin, ask for help and be yourself to move upwards.

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