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The smile won’t leave my face.
The happiness in my heart won’t go away.

This day brings back all the days when I was a little girl, colors on my tiny hands, flowers in my pony tails.
Running around the neighborhood with a child like perception that every day was going to be filled with festivities.

Where are the sparrows I have to protect my Rangoli from?
The screams of joy or was it the sounds of bursting pataake?

Why did I never mind baking the crackers in the sun for weeks for only 2 hours of fun on that day!
The cold night, the snapshot of a favorite family moment, the sweetness of bataashas.

Do I miss that now, but can I trade places with where I am on this day?!
Relish and devour this evening my dear child,

For, all these fireworks on display are no match to the sparkles in your eyes!

Composed on: Sept 21st, ’09

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