The Good Citizen Initiative

We raise our teens with the singular goal of making them college application ready. But, in a world where every child is on the honor roll, young adults who are equipped with making big decisions now will thrive both in their personal and professional lives later.

Our goal is to help your high schooler explore their interests and get ready for the real world with a compelling story to tell. Let’s not forget, resumes don’t build themselves overnight.

Our initiative The Good Citizen Initiative for 9th to 12th graders is designed to Engage, Energize and Empower them. 

Mastermind Lesson Sample: Sound Like a Leader

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Teen Mastermind Class Topics

The ENGAGE Series

Rule Your Screens

Part I: Understanding addiction and strategies to combat it.
Technology is here to stay, and the way we’re living now is covering over the genius that makes us uniquely human. Only we have the power of imagination, intense curiosity, and can understand the cause and effect scenarios. But, are we really living upto our potential?

Part II: The problem with Communication in the digital age.
We are measuring our social currency in the number of likes and hearts our Instagram or Twitter posts receive. But in the age of digital communication, do we truly understand what the intention, tone and meaning of the tweets and messages are?

Decode Your Parents

Being a grown up sucks, ask your parents. Parents seem to want the best for you, but they don’t convey it well, do they? Learn the habits of successful teenagers, time management and personal management hacks and see your parents’ jaws drop. Understand yourself first to understand your parents better.

You're Worth It

Embrace gratitude for what you already have so you can take on the future in a positive spirit. Learn how to abandon fear, shame, blame and judgment and live your best life ever. Start the journey with self acceptance and self compassion.

Give Yourself a Break

Embrace gratitude for what you already have so you can take on the future in a positive spirit. Learn how to abandon fear, shame, blame and judgment and live your best life ever. Gain a perspective. Learn how to let go of judgment, hate, ambivalence and decision fatigue. Make decisions quickly and smartly. Learn the tips on how to become free of limiting emotions like guilt, anxiety and regret. Learn how not to obsess about what other think of you. To enjoy the journey of life, avoid the scarcity trap and learn to cut your losses.

Hear Me Out

What about your school, your life and the world makes you happy and sad? What are the things you wished you could tell your parents, teachers and friends? What makes a life good? What are the elements of a great school life for teens? Let’s talk about what success is and what the habits of successful teens are.

See Your Reflection

Do you have a set of your own personal values? Not values you’ve inherited from your parents or the community. Let’s find out ways to strengthen our moral compass. Learn to develop extreme self awareness, while seeing your strengths for what they are. Learn how you see yourself determines the challenges you will undertake, and how quickly you will bounce back from failures.

Trending Now

What news interests you? What sport legends and pop artists do you follow and why? What do you Google? Let’s see if there are answers to real life questions on the Internet.

Why Get High?

Did you know you can get high naturally? Our mind, our thoughts and our hormones can help us get there. Real life is full of amazing people doing “amazing” things, we don’t need to watch Comment awards to LOL.


Cultivate Your Mind

Your thoughts determine the quality of your life. Look at failures as just stepping stones. Develop the mindset of no problem is too big to face. Self doubt, ruminating about the past, regret and guilt are emotions that sabotage our thought resources. Instead learn about Critical and Divergent to boost your productivity.

The Social Contract

Learn tips to use social media and the Internet effectively, positively and minimally. Understand how smart phones are affecting our sleep, productivity and creativity. Instead of giving up control on things that we’re addicted to, learn strategies on how to deal with them head on. Start by not leaving your devices to your self control.

Secrets of Success

How can you define success? Refuel on productivity strategies like extending your brain and abstraction. Learn how to thicken your skin, ask for help and be yourself to move upwards. Do you know what you want your life to look like in 10 years? You can either just survive or thrive in this beautiful life that you’ve been given. Learn to set an intention on a daily basis, commit to your own wellbeing and ask for help when need. Learn how not to self sabotage.

Clear The Clutter

The desire to complete ourselves with brands comes from the feelings of imperfection from within. What are we accumulating instead of gathering priceless goods like education, experience, and memories? Learn tips on time, energy and your thoughts. What makes you feel alive? Understand your emotions, your feelings and their impact on your actions.

Connect To Calm

Unplug Loneliness Solitude, breathe, living in the present, mindfulness. Journaling. Intuition, don’t use crowd mentality, use your own intelligence. Learn tips on how to take moments out of the day to “do nothing.” Understand why burn out happens and how you can avoid it. Learn how to set priorities and keep the bar of expectations realistic.

Show You Care

While kindness is cool, treating others with equanimity is a super human quality. Once in a while taking the focus away from your needs and wants can bring into focus what we can do for the community and the world. By connecting with others, we can share our gifts and positively change their lives. Connection brings meaning and purpose into our lives. Let’s learn how we can all positively impact the world.

Grow Your Heart

Learn to apply the principles of gratitude in life. We’re a product of the kindness of so many of us around us. Learn to recognize, remember and reciprocate. Recognize your and others’ emotions.

Rock Your Boat

Find out the secrets to embracing change and thriving in it. Learn how change can lead to new insights and new situations most of the time for the better. Start with understanding what will not change.

The EMPOWER Series

Set Your Mind

The body might have limits, but the mind has no limits. Understand how your emotions, feelings and thoughts are guiding your actions. Set your mind on taking bold steps with your dreams. Learn how to be courageous about your ideas and aspirations. Challenging yourself to out perform your past achievements can be a great momentum. Create an environment that helps you thrive.

Become College Ready

Do you have a compelling story to tell everyone? In a world where all your peers are on the honor roll, the one with the best attitude towards dealing with a crisis and the one who can think like a problem solver will win big in personal and professional life. Are you college ready yet?

Make Today Great Again

Find yourself constantly fighting with your parents and anxious over your friendships? People and situations don’t upset us. Expectations from them do. Learn tips on how to mind the gap. Understand what’s causing you to procrastinate and delay your decision making that impacts your long term goals, including your project work. Learn how you can flex your attention span muscle.

Become a People Magnet

Charisma is the art of inspiring others to action. Learn how to blend in, yet, stand out in a group. Learn the strategies for personal branding, leadership skills and a fabulous social etiquette. Learn personal skills like listening, empathy and relating to others.

Leverage Your Tragedy

Learn that having experienced tragedy doesn’t have to mean the end of the world. Learn coping mechanisms on how to manage crisis, stress and grief. Learn how to adapt to solving problems, because problems will always exist in one form or another. Learn strategies on how to build resilience, redefine hardships and keep moving upward.

League of Your Own

Our quality of life depends on the quality of our attention span, our sleep and the number of regrets we have. Refuel on productivity strategies like extending your brain and abstraction. Learn how to thicken your skin, ask for help and be yourself to move upwards. Learn the difference between your left and right brains. Find out tips on how to extend your brain. And find out how sleep, OMG, sleep will help you keep your brain focused and in top shape.

Sound Like a Leader

Think like a leader by learning how to be in others’ shoes. Learn to become resilient to stress. Develop unstoppable confidence and break barriers with your own limiting beliefs. Learn the best kept secret about leadership. Learn how emotional intelligence, an elevated vocabulary and a strong sense of self will make you a strong, powerful leader.

Find Your Worth

Learn tips to improve your self esteem and respect your body. Learn how you can introduce radical self compassion into your life. Understand how you can be your own friend first. Learn the strategies to refuel themselves ahead of tests and at the end of a long day. Learn to become aware of their strengths and ask for feedback to improve themselves.

Free Resources For Parents Of High Schoolers

Strategies to combat teen screen time

  These days down time means screen time for most of us, adults and children. If screen time is a point of contention for your family, especially in the evenings after you gather back in the house after work and school, here are a few strategies that can help...

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Social media etiquette for teens

  We've all been thrust into the world of technology without a guidebook. Add to this mix -teens, their growing brains and varied interests, and things can get confusing and overwhelming pretty quickly. In the midst of such a digital landscape where devices rule our...

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How to grow resilient children

  What is resilience: We want to raise our children to be kind and loving people. We tell them to value compassion more than anything else in life. Ideal parents want to empower their children to believe in themselves and encourage them to realize their highest...

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Rules of engagement with social media for teens

  Teenagers download social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat within 2 minutes of receiving their new smart phones. That's the lure of these people networks. So, it makes sense to stay informed about all the right ways to engage with strangers and friends while...

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How to gain the trust of your teen

  How we feel as parents of adolescents: If there was a definition of parents of adolescents, it might look like this. This person is highly anxious, stressed and uncertain about a lot of things involving their child. To the mix, we must add an element of dread too...

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Be terrified of your teenager’s age, not your teenager

  Terrifying teenagers?  Teenagers are legendary for their impulsive risk taking attitude. They're famously hedonistic because they love a life of pleasure and little self control. And they seem to be engaging in activities with little to no regard for the...

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Factors that make a child shy and a teen withdrawn

  Why are some children shy?  We use a lot of words to describe shy and withdrawn behavior in children. We label them as socially awkward or introverts. But, what we don't often realize is that at the heart of such behavior is the fear of rejection. Little children...

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Connect with your child before you communicate

  Connection first, communication next:  Try this. Ask your child questions like, "Did you eat alone again at lunch today?" or "You look high. Are you doing drugs?" Did they suddenly become defiant and respond defensively? Of course, they did. OK, try asking them less...

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You know you’re a mom when..

  You've wondered about your fear of death, when the only thing you have always been petrified about is your child digging into that forbidden closet or the bathroom cupboard to find out the secret stash of “things”? You've looked down on the bathroom floor to see two...

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The Teen Social Contract

  As parents we are struggling to wriggle out of the strong, addictive grips of the Big Tech. Our children are growing up in a post figurative society where they don't need us for answering any questions they might have. Yet, if we don't teach them and ourselves how...

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