Find meaning by living each day with an attitude of gratitude, kindness, and intention.

Embrace self compassion. And find the peace you seek.

  We all crave a sense of order, balance and calm in a world of information overload. And in this daily pursuit, we find ourselves even more lost. By adopting a compassionate approach to ourselves, we can stop chasing the perfect version of life that doesn’t really...

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Strategies to grow attention span

  This past Wednesday afternoon, my 9 year old son kept switching between two tasks. Writing a full page of a mantra praising Lord Shiva, a homework from our Sunday Hindu school. (He hated it) Reading 10 pages of the comic book, Calvin and Hobbes. (He loved it) As he...

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Here’s how you can extend your brain

  What is Brain extending:  We usually don't live in the present moment, because we find ourselves overwhelmed in our heads with tasks that need to be remembered, facts we've just learnt and out-of-the-blue ideas that have sparked inside of us. At the same time, we...

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What children teach us

  Our most rewarding journeys as a parent happen in the most imperfect parenting moments. It’s foolish to think that the kids don’t notice our shortcomings, it’s just that they have accepted us with our imperfections. Not a day goes by when my children don't remind me...

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Parents, here are ways to manage your own anxiety first

  How anxiety arises:  One of the most important things we can learn as parents is to master our own stress and anxiety. Children pick up easily on our anxieties and insecurities. Having no rational explanations for the way we're conducting ourselves around them will...

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How it feels to parent an adolescent

  If there was a definition of parents of adolescents, it might look like this. This person is highly anxious, stressed and uncertain about a lot of things involving their child. To the mix, I would like to add an element of dread too because I often wonder if I'm...

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Future STRONG – Positive Self Esteem

  Importance of self confidence and self esteem A caregiver's nurturing contact builds a child's sense of self worth. When children find themselves to be the center of attention of their parents or their caregivers, it lifts their sense of self immensely. The...

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Future STRONG – Likability and Success

  Let's say, your child knows he has to work diligently and study hard if he wants a better future for himself. But, without the lights turned on in his path, how would he know where to go and what to begin with? A good parent turns on the lights for his child. But, a...

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Future STRONG – Peak Productivity

  Personal accountability leads to extraordinary personal productivity. And channeling that productive energy in the right direction can transform children into leaders. And, its possible for these little beings to become great leaders while keeping their humanity...

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I never want to forget how the weight of my children feels when they playfully lie on my stomach. That’s why I started writing about my life around them. But, pretty soon, I realized that I had to become a better person if I want to raise well rounded children. 

I started reading everything I could get my hands on to learn about life. I realized that I had to acknowledge my own dreams of winning the Nobel Prize if I want to empower my children to believe in themselves. I had to sustain my own goals before I could nurture their potential. I began writing everything down to turn this space into actionable advice for living an optimal life. 

If you’re looking to live a life of purpose, equip yourself with information. Together, let’s find ways to support each other on this journey. Let’s grow and help others grow. Let’s energize, elevate and empower our own destiny. This is our Future STRONG. 

Together we are Future STRONG. 

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