The Indian American Mom’s Weekly Review – Thursday

  Starring: Dad, mom (me), nanamma (dad’s mom), Boys – 12 year old Ky and 8 year old Moksh. * Continued from Wednesday Thursday I copy hand written notes of a book called Belle Cora onto the computer wondering all the while if I will ever read these notes again. But I...

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The Indian American Mom’s Weekly Review – Wednesday

  Starring: Dad, mom (me), nanamma (dad’s mom), Boys – 12 year old Ky and 8 year old Moksh. * Continued from Tuesday Wednesday I wake up with my hair flying off in the wind and to a screeching sound of brakes before we hit a wall. Two of my friends and I are driving...

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The Indian American Mom’s Weekly Review – Tuesday

  Starring: Dad, mom (me), nanamma (dad's mom), Boys - 12 year old Ky and 8 year old Moksh. * Continued from Monday Tuesday I wake up Ky at 7am and he complains that his nada (a rope that's used to hold a petticoat up underneath a saree) has come off. Every night he...

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The Indian American Mom’s Weekly Review – Monday

  Starring: Dad, mom (me), nanamma (dad's mom), Boys - 12 year old Ky and 8 year old Moksh. * Monday * Morning, I kill a cockroach in the sauna at the gym appropriately named, “Crunch”. A Swami (Hindu learned man) is visiting our temple this week in the evenings to...

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A krash kourse on The Kardashians

* * * Tag line: From the perspective of the Indian-American experience. Below is the quickest way to educate yourself about the most coveted reality family of America. The Kardashian - Jenner family. Bruce Jenner WAS the family patriarch, the dad of some 15 kids. But,...

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The 2014 Indian-American Documentary

Disclaimer: Dear friends and family, life in 2014 for the Somayajulas has been more than spectacular. In fact, our year has been filled with mind-numbing mundane details. Please accept this heavily exaggerated Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year photo scroll...

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Secrets of your unsuccess

Congratulations, class of 2014 Georgia Tech EMBA! Well, now that you are executively something, a quick recap of what life has been and yet to be. And since every great commencement speech in history had a name, this one does too. SECRETS OF YOUR UNSUCCESS - A satire....

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How.to.write.. (NOT): Broadcast II

Textese Hater™ and much admired spell-checker activist Rachel Kwiatkowski has acquired a license for her establishment, LoGoMaNiAcS AnOnYmOuS™, and has never been more busier! And as her blog post about teenage textese fad and its pitfalls that is currently sweeping...

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JERRY SANDUSKY – The poke; A satirical comedy

Jerry Sandusky is the oldest fucking asshole, and turns out, quite literally he is.. This should have been the title to my skit, but it gives too much away.. Soon, there will be producers fishing for a story to make a movie of Jerry's life, and I would rather be ready...

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How.to.write.. (NOT)

  I read about 50 bloggers regularly and love them so much so that I emulate and even steal* ideas from them.. So when a few of them recently introduced Guest bloggers on their sites, I thought why not ask someone to write for me and my blog.. Enter Rachel...

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Humor: A Gross Domestic Product

As a self proclaimed American Pop Culture idiot, I am on a quest to find out what humor is and what constitutes rib tickling funny! So however small your contribution is, I can assure you it will make a big difference.  *Stand-up routine begins* * Sh*t, Bullsh*t,...

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Joel Stein, this won’t hurt a bit

As an avid reader of the TIME magazine, I often dream that I would one day write an article as a blogger there! That would be really cool! Well, after a read of one of its pieces last Thursday, I have an inclination to just stick to my nondescript blog here which...

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Plan B… ?! Doesn’t work, Sorry

No, I am not talking about the "morning after" pill here.. Most definitely, not! The closest I have ever gotten to lecturing people about what is expected of them is to tell my son that the first thing that he needs to do after getting up is to brush his teeth.. !!...

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Shock and Raw!

While having a technical conversation about websites, one of my friends who owns a website was talking about how hard she was trying to draw some attention and clicks on her website. In the process she spoke about terms like Search Engine Optimization Techniques etc...

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A Soapy Matter..

My favorite pass time these days is flipping the channel to seek the ultimate drama or the comedy series on air.. Flip, flip and more flip is the order of the day er night.. :) So, I started this ritual of getting hooked to the idiot box because of lack of any other...

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Dream catcher – A daily dream story

Filter on: The economy isn't in the slumps anymore.. :) Filter off: I am penniless.. :( Filter on: My son eats well and poops in the diaper.. :) Filter off: My son spits all over me except in the bib and I can't catch his mid-air pee in my hands :( Filter on: I get...

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