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How to create a Content Copywriter “résumé”

  As résumés are going out of fashion, why not standout in the job market by showing your creativity and sense of humor? Here's a sample "résumé" for applying to a content copywriter job position. A relevant bachelors degree, experience and referrals are a bonus. *...

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Social media etiquette for teens

  We've all been thrust into the world of technology without a guidebook. Add to this mix -teens, their growing brains and varied interests, and things can get confusing and overwhelming pretty quickly. In the midst of such a digital landscape where devices rule our...

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What is Grit and why do we need it

  What is Grit?  There's a song in the movie Zootopia, which goes like this: “I won’t give up, no I won’t give in Till I reach the end And then I’ll start again” The song is about not giving up. Its about not giving up in the face of difficulty. Its about finishing...

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Strategies to grow attention span

  This past Wednesday afternoon, my 9 year old son kept switching between two tasks. Writing a full page of a mantra praising Lord Shiva, a homework from our Sunday Hindu school. (He hated it) Reading 10 pages of the comic book, Calvin and Hobbes. (He loved it) As he...

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Here’s how you can extend your brain

  What is Brain extending:  We usually don't live in the present moment, because we find ourselves overwhelmed in our heads with tasks that need to be remembered, facts we've just learnt and out-of-the-blue ideas that have sparked inside of us. At the same time, we...

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Know the Signs of violence

  Will debates work if there is no action?  16-year-old school shooting survivor, Lyliah Skinner, asked a question about gun access to teens: "As our legislators and leaders, they shouldn't be offering prayers and words, because those mean nothing. We need action,...

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Personal Growth Factor

  Charles F. Kettering quoted once, "High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation." Ask your children every morning, "What do you hope to aim for today? What new things do you plan to learn and try today?" The nature of change I recently...

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Positive Self Esteem

  Importance of self confidence and self esteem A caregiver's nurturing contact builds a child's sense of self worth. When children find themselves to be the center of attention of their parents or their caregivers, it lifts their sense of self immensely. The...

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Likability and Success

  Let's say, your child knows he has to work diligently and study hard if he wants a better future for himself. But, without the lights turned on in his path, how would he know where to go and what to begin with? A good parent turns on the lights for his child. But, a...

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Future STRONG – Peak Productivity

  Personal accountability leads to extraordinary personal productivity. And channeling that productive energy in the right direction can transform children into leaders. And, its possible for these little beings to become great leaders while keeping their humanity...

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Future STRONG – Soft Skills

  If we don't channel children's energies into productive arenas, we can't expect to create very many brilliant minds for the future. Children these days have no lack of confidence about the things they know AND don't know. But, if we want to raise emerging leaders,...

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