On Writing

How to create a Content Copywriter “résumé”

  As résumés are going out of fashion, why not standout in the job market by showing your creativity and sense of humor? Here's a sample "résumé" for applying to a content copywriter job position. A relevant bachelors degree, experience and referrals are a bonus. *...

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In the age of Dank memes, why read Poetry?

  Just a string of words? A good poem demands the dignity to be understood. History repeats in its resounding words. Repetition is a poem's strongest flavors. Poems are words with life because they're current and most urgent with their message to humanity. Yet, just...

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How to read a painting

  Walk up to the wall to a meeting place between the brush and the canvas. Wait for the art to show you a million muses that accompany it. Surrender yourself to its transformational power to change the way you feel. A good piece of art doesn't complete you. It makes...

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The Nobel Prize

In Literature for 2044 ~ Acceptance Speech I wrote this essay when I was in my 30’s. This is as much I can reveal about my age as a woman’s vanity will permit. Writing generates the excesses of emotions that sustain life. Writing unifies. And to write better, I learnt...

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Why darkness can be a gift

  Years ago, you had looked up to see if anyone loved what you wrote. You tried to look in their eyes to see If they understood your scribbles. Your childhood hand wrote in dyslexia, waving your pen with much fun as daddy's shaving foam, But now its purposefully...

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Why I fell off the workforce treadmill

  In a 2014 Gallup poll, more than 2/3rds of adults said they were not engaged at work, or were actively disengaged. Worldwide only 13% of adults call themselves engaged at work. One evening this January, while pondering my decision to quit the workforce, I had...

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Want to thrive in life? Start a journal.

Never forget that writing is as close as we get to keeping a hold on the thousand and one things—childhood, certainties, cities, doubts, dreams, instants, phrases, parents, loves—that go on slipping like sand through our fingers. ~ Salman Rushdie * A journal is a meta...

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I can muse a poem

The mother inside of me finds no shortage of spontaneity and wit. I can be surprisingly superfluous when I am lecturing my child. Trouble arrives when I call myself a writer, and that’s when I get deliberate. When I dictate myself to the writer’s rigor, dictation gets...

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How.to.write.. (NOT): Broadcast II

Textese Hater™ and much admired spell-checker activist Rachel Kwiatkowski has acquired a license for her establishment, LoGoMaNiAcS AnOnYmOuS™, and has never been more busier! And as her blog post about teenage textese fad and its pitfalls that is currently sweeping...

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How.to.write.. (NOT)

  I read about 50 bloggers regularly and love them so much so that I emulate and even steal* ideas from them.. So when a few of them recently introduced Guest bloggers on their sites, I thought why not ask someone to write for me and my blog.. Enter Rachel...

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Humor: A Gross Domestic Product

As a self proclaimed American Pop Culture idiot, I am on a quest to find out what humor is and what constitutes rib tickling funny! So however small your contribution is, I can assure you it will make a big difference.  *Stand-up routine begins* * Sh*t, Bullsh*t,...

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