Self Esteem

Want to solve problems? Start with changing your attitude.

  What are problems?  Almost all situations we perceive as problems are global and mostly built on ideas of uncertainty and anticipation fueled by our wild imagination of a fictional reality. Our global problems are anticipatory and anthropological. Like inequality,...

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Factors that make a child shy and a teen withdrawn

  Why are some children shy?  We use a lot of words to describe shy and withdrawn behavior in children. We label them as socially awkward or introverts. But, what we don't often realize is that at the heart of such behavior is the fear of rejection. Little children...

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Here’s how to ace that job interview

  You're for sale:  You've landed an awesome job interview. Congratulations! Its time to prepare yourself for the sale. Wait, you don't know what you have to sell? Believe it or not, an interview is a platform for you to sell three aspects of yourself. You're a...

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Factors influencing emotional development in teenagers

During the ages of 5 to 12, children learn to do things on their own. This is the age where they feel confident in their ability to initiate and achieve goals. Negligence or restrictions on a child during such time casts doubts on his own abilities leaving him not...

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Positive Self Esteem

  Importance of self confidence and self esteem A caregiver's nurturing contact builds a child's sense of self worth. When children find themselves to be the center of attention of their parents or their caregivers, it lifts their sense of self immensely. The...

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Hey listen, you’re not better off dead

When I was in my first year of college, many years ago, my mom came home from the school she worked at and broke down at the dinner table. Another teacher's daughter had hung herself in her kitchen. The daughter was a newly wed who had come home to visit and when her...

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