Mindfulness and Conflict Resolution

Finding civility in chaos

  Can we really define chaos?  Let's imagine you are in the deep woods taking a hike. This overgrown forest seems beautiful where every tree, plant and critter has found a perfect home and is in peace with the environment around it. But, has this place been like this...

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The Whirling Dervishes of Istanbul, Turkey

  Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I'm wiser, so I'm changing myself. - Rumi The steep roads of old town Sultanahmet-Sirkeci in Istanbul, Turkey, might look like a strange place for spiritual surrender. But, that's where you arrive at Ankara...

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Find meaning in the mundane

  All it takes is a single question:  There's a point in life when you start to question everything. You're asking if racing to that swing in the playground, making cup after cup after cup of coffee, all the diets you've been on, the walks you've taken, the places in...

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Actionable tips on how to achieve mindfulness

  Resolving the struggle: Most of us, not including those who’re lucky to be enlightened, don’t want to live in the present moment, because we don’t accept life as it has manifested itself. We then find ourselves in conflict with the moment. When our needs and...

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Why should we live in the now?

  What is living in the now?  Read about what mindfulness is and why it is such a struggle to live in the now.    The opposite is Mindlessness:  Consider the opposite of living mindfully. It would be a life filled with wishful thoughts and day dreaming. In fact, mind...

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Why living in the present is so hard

  What is living in the now?  Living in the now is living in the present moment and feeling good in its natural stimuli and banality. Although for millenia before us, people had been doing exactly that, albeit with a little day dreaming here and there, only recently...

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Strategies to grow attention span

  This past Wednesday afternoon, my 9 year old son kept switching between two tasks. Writing a full page of a mantra praising Lord Shiva, a homework from our Sunday Hindu school. (He hated it) Reading 10 pages of the comic book, Calvin and Hobbes. (He loved it) As he...

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Where do your roots of optimism come from?

  If there's anything unifying about humanity's existence, its our solitary pursuit of happiness. Its the way in which we choose to define our successes and identify our failures. Its how we contemplate on how well we've spent our lives. Its our unbridled hope for our...

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An antidote to self loathing

  Imagine you're trapped inside a burning building and the heat from the engulfing fire is almost killing you. But, you've an opportunity to save just one person. Who will it be? If you answered your 85 year old next door neighbor, it's official, you're a saint....

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How to meditate

  1. Create a sacred bubble in your house. It can be a small mat or rug on which you can sit comfortably. Pick a favorite thing to give you company. It can be a pillow, a trinket or even a book. Now you have created a shell where you are full of bliss (Go with the...

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The cardinal wisdom of the Native Americans

  The 7 Sacred Directions of Life:  In the Native American way, there are 7 sacred directions of a life's journey. There are the 4 cardinal directions representing the different stages in his life and there's the sky above and the earth below and the 7th direction...

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Focus: The new age currency

  Disclaimer:  This post will require your undivided attention.    What's that? Focus, the concept of undivided attention is staying on a task for an extended period of time. It's our capacity to do deep, uninterrupted, quality work. A recent Bankrate survey of top...

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Thoughts that changed this life

“When you come to one of the many moments in life when you must give an account of yourself, provide a ledger of what you have been, and done, and meant to the world, do not, I pray, discount that you filled a dying man’s days with a sated joy, a joy unknown to me in...

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Want to transcend the plight of life? Meditate.

Why this guide: (Long claim.) It has no hyperbole or BS. Things you will need: Just your phone. BUT, out of reach on a 20 minute timer. Nothing else, not even a Sanskrit prayer or an orange robe. * What is meditation:  The action of inaction Nothing but your state of...

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Words that changed this life..

... and tenderly touching a piece of bread in one's coat pocket, first stroking it with frozen gloveless fingers, then breaking off a crumb and putting it in one's mouth ... * This is one of those longing nights when my eyelids don't shut tight because of the welling...

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Once in a while, listen to those throaty crickets

One of America's favorite pastimes, primitive camping (add electricity and bathrooms for an extra fee), has turned me into a renegade city dweller. For a couple of days, I remained off the grid, but still managed to snap a few pictures to revisit the place I want to...

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