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About Future STRONG

What exactly does FutureSTRONG Academy do?

We are a global initiative for personal growth. Our mission is to engage, energize and empower children to live a life of full potential. Our mission is to build a whole child by providing Social and Emotional Learning and Character Education through our after-school programs.

What is Future STRONG?

Future Strong is a global initiative for personal growth.

In phase I, we help children and teens discover their interests, channel their energies and improve their productivity. We teach them real life skills like negotiation, strategy and collaboration while putting them on the direct path to personal accountability.

At Future STRONG we believe that human potential has two aspects, a skill set for professional excellence – aptitude, and a tool kit for personal excellence – the right attitude needed to face real life.

Our phase II and III are targeted towards parents and adults in the workplace.

What is your aim with FutureSTRONG Academy?

Our ultimate goal is to see a world where everyone is energized about their potential.

What does our name mean?

If you have a pulse, you’ve a future. Everyone with a future has hope to move forward. Combine that with the strength of our courage and we have Future STRONG.

What does the Logo represent?

Our Logo was built with a well-rounded future in mind. Technology is here to stay. Let’s support it with what makes us uniquely human – compassion, creativity and a clarity of purpose.

Purple stands for creativity and productivity, Green stands for mental health and Teal stands for happiness and emotional balance.

What makes us unique?

There are many motivational coaches out there, but we’re the first ones for our children, for our future. We want to show early on for children that there are two ways they can live their lives. They can either sleep walk their whole life or live each day intentionally.

What is our promise?

This is our promise to you. Together for the future of our children, let’s connect, commit and contribute.

At Future STRONG, we teach our children secrets of high performers. These also happen to be the things that bring happiness to their life. Staying on task, focusing on their strengths and the ability to do the hard things with integrity. An extra benefit of Social and Emotional Learning: on average, kids with a SEL background have an 11% higher scores in their standardized tests.

I’m a parent and I know what my child wants. How difficult can this be?

Well, there is some good news. We’re not here to hog your limelight as the new favorite adults in your child’s life. But, these days, as parents, we’re doing two jobs. Parenting our children in the real world of emotions and preparing them for an online world that’s constantly changing and evolving. We often feel like we’ve no control over things, asking ourselves, “Am I doing a good job at this parenting thing? Is my child going to be OK?”

We want to support your child’s social and emotional learning and character education in addition to how they live their lives within the settings of home, school and community. In short, we want to share the load of parenting that’s on you.

We will teach them the importance of personal management skills like self-engagement, resisting digital distractions and dealing with stress. They will learn to become confident, take on challenges and deal with disappointment.

Look, we’re seeing how children who are not taught the value of reading emotions, understanding empathy and the ability to collaborate are becoming leaders whose moral character and conduct is being called into question. We need to teach our boys how to treat girls like equals and we need to teach our girls how to stand up for themselves.

All your initiatives seems to be having kids of different age levels. How can you ensure the older kids are not getting bored and the younger kids are not being overtly challenged?

We believe that this is the best way to create a community of leaders from childhood. The goal of our classrooms is to create bonds between older and younger kids. This collaboration style allows the older kids help interpret and understand a given classroom problem in their own language to their younger peers. Allowing older children to teach younger children helps with boosting their own confidence and develop a strong sense of purpose through contribution. The younger children find role models and end up feeling special in the process.

Is there anything for adults here?

While we can be power houses of creation and innovation, we cannot forget that, as human beings, we are guided by our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Advances in science, technology and engineering in the committed and compassionate hands of humanity is future that is sustainable. Future STRONG fosters what helps human beings function optimally, develop resilience, and live their best lives.

If you’re looking to live a life of purpose, this is the space to equip yourself with information. Together, let’s find ways to support each other on this journey. Let’s grow and help others grow. Let’s engage, energize and empower our own destiny. This is our Future STRONG. Together we are Future STRONG.

What types of therapy are available at the FutureSTRONG Academy?

The programs offered by Future STRONG are not clinical and counseling in nature.

The Child Discovery Assessment and any other assessments provided during the semester or after do not screen for any Emotional Problems, Behavioral Problems, Speech and Language Difficulties, Impaired Cognitive Ability, Attention Deficits, and Hyperactivity.

We don’t have any toolkits that are designed to assist pediatric and primary care providers in screening patients for Behavioral Health and Psychosocial Concerns. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any Speech Therapy, and Drug Abuse Therapy. We do not offer counselling services for ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and Substance Abuse.

Is there anything we don’t do?

The programs offered by Future STRONG are not clinical and counseling in nature.

The Child Discovery Assessment and any other assessments provided during the semester or after do not screen for any Emotional Problems, Behavioral Problems, Speech and Language Difficulties, Impaired Cognitive Ability, Attention Deficits, and Hyperactivity.

We don’t have any toolkits that are designed to assist pediatric and primary care providers in screening patients for Behavioral Health and Psychosocial Concerns. Unfortunately, we don’t offer any Speech Therapy, and Drug Abuse Therapy. We do not offer counselling services for ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and Substance Abuse.

Where can I learn more about the programs at FutureSTRONG Academy?

There are three ways you can find out more information about us.
Phone: 678.310.5025

Our Coaching Philosophy

Why are the coaches at FutureSTRONG Academy so passionate about their mission?

Humans are the only species that deliberately embark on difficult journeys by asking themselves, “Where am I going?”, “Who am I?” and “What’s my purpose?” For no apparent reason we choose to complicate our lives. And these aha moments can even occur in the 4 boring seconds before the next Netflix recommendation starts playing.

That’s how we started asking ourselves questions like, “Do I matter?” and “What can I offer the world?” And found ourselves on a path to have the most positive impact on humanity while looking for our purpose in life. We became life coaches.

I want to be a FutureSTRONG Coach; what qualities are you looking for?

Our coaches must be positive, patient and outgoing humans. They must be able to ask themselves on a regular basis:
“How available am I?”
“How self-aware am I?”
“How attentive am I?”

A great Future STRONG Coach has the following traits:

 Compassionate
 Spontaneous
 Creative
 Willing to learn
 Willing to collaborate
 Self-reflective
 Eager to engage with the child
 Have goals
 Capable of receiving
 Manage emotions
 Invests in parent partnerships
 Expressive

What is your coaching philosophy?

At Future STRONG, we believe that coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. Using our learning tools, we have developed an interactive process with our children where we collaborate rather than teach our children.

We engage to build positive relationships with the child based on mutual trust. We understand the areas of growth and interest for the child and work towards developmental assignments that suit the child’s growing needs.

We provide constructive feedback, guidance, and reinforcement based on their practice and performance. We encourage them to expand their perspective, think critically to problem solve and set and achieve long term goals.

How are our certified FutureSTRONG Coaches qualified to work with children?

Before they join us, all of our certified Future STRONG Coaches already have an established foundation and have shown us evidence of previous learning that may relate to any or all of the following fields: education, psychology, coaching.

To become a certified Coach with us, they undergo rigorous training that involves research that is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Social Psychology, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and their Personal Intuitive Life Experiences.

Our Curriculum

How are you going to obtain your objectives with the age group that it’s geared towards?

These are all based on the regular on level of social emotional development milestones. Here is the link to the standard milestones per age. Any child who enters our program is also given a pre-assessment called Discovery assessment and a post semester Student Skills Survey to understand how far our learning objectives have had an impact on the child.

Why teach essential soft skills for life?

In a world where super-intelligent machines built by us are dictating our emotions and predicting our desires, we must raise our children to deal with unpredictable change and process information overload. With tools that develop mental flexibility and emotional balance, we can ensure that they learn to listen to themselves first and use their power to choose with integrity and responsibility.

Future STRONG Academy is an after school essential life skills coaching program for Kids. Its like having an extra tool kit for your child to stand out in a group of peers who excel in the same set of STREAM* skills.

* STREAM: Science Technology Robotics Engineering Arts Math

What real-life skills do you want your child to learn?

Our K-12 program is designed to teach children essential lifelong skills.
Or Essential real-life skills for children?
Here’s a clue, these are skills no amount of money can replace.

~ Self-confidence and self esteem
~ Effective communicators, both written and verbal
~ Networking and collaboration
~ Time and relationship management
~ Positivity and ability to take on challenges
~ Stress and productivity management
~ Prioritizing themselves without burning out
~ Diligence, integrity and other values
~ Resilience: Learning to get back up after failure
~ Self engagement and productivity
~ Recognizing and regulating emotions
~ Handling Dilemma and Conflict resolution
~ Emotional agility: learning how to anticipate others’ reactions
~ Public speaking
~ Focus, attention and the ability to follow instructions
~ Personal accountability
~ Critical thinking: Active listening, questioning ideas and assumptions
~ Making independent choices and facing consequences
~ Attention and the importance of focus.
~ Persuasion and Negotiation skills
~ College and real life readiness skills

What educational materials does FutureSTRONG Academy supply?

In addition to a vast database of free blogs on strategies and tips on living a well-balanced and intentional life, we offer training courses for youth 5 through 18, parents and adults in the workplace.

How can I find grade level program curriculum information?

Visit our home page @ and click on the initiative based on the grade level of your child. Every initiative page has information on the modules offered, and the lesson plans within the modules and a sample lesson plan.

Are there any sample lesson plans that I can see before I enroll my child?

Visit our home page @ and click on the initiative based on the grade level of your child. Every initiative page has information on the modules offered, and the lesson plans within the modules and a sample lesson plan.

How does your Curriculum enhance learning and curiosity?

At Future STRONG our curriculum has no textbooks, no tests and no wrong or right answers. It is just a strong emphasis on personal development and emotional wellbeing. It is based on pillars of the 6 C’s. It aims at preparing our children for a future where they have the tools to think objectively, creatively and without fear. Every class we teach has a unique take away – it equips the child to take a new thinking approach to learning. Our modules fit within three Series that Engage, Energize and Empower our children.

How do you get feedback?

Kids are the toughest crowd to impress. We have Student voice surveys for middle and high school kids and Parent voice surveys for parents through and after the end of the semester.

Our Classes

Do kids need to bring anything to class?

Nothing, except their polite and positive attitude. All lesson supplies, including index cards, pencils, pens, and worksheets, will be provided to them in class.

How are the classes taught? What goes in a typical one-hour class of teaching?

Each topic of the class is based on a set of Taxonomy of learning. Every Lesson plan for the topic involves:
Finding through awareness, comprehending through worksheets, gathering through stories, reflecting through questions, expressing through challenges, applying through homework.

This interactive session will help children think about the topic in the form of questions. As we brainstorm, children will be able to quantify their learning in the form of answers.
Stories give us the “why” for what we do with our lives. Unlike facts and figures, concepts told in the form of stories have the ability to stick with us and are truly our life long lessons.
During the lesson, students will collaborate in groups of three or more to solve problems in real life scenarios. This will help them put into practice the depth of their understanding of the topic.
Relevant thought exercises can help children comprehend difficult concepts. At the end of each lesson, children will fill out a worksheet that shows their understanding about the topic.
Homework will require children to put their comprehension into life long application. Because attitude, discipline and instinct can only be measured through actions and experience.

Will the classroom setting be group discussions, or individual work?

Group discussions for the most part, the coach is “teaching” for only 25% of the time, the rest of the time is all individual thinking and peer to peer brainstorming.

Just wondering will the students be engaging with others or not?

Glad you asked! Its all peer to peer interaction and the older kids are there for mentoring the younger ones, that’s how group work is going to be conducted within the one hour class.

Or will there be a teacher teaching these objectives and students just listening?

Students will always be inputting, like in circle time, vertical learning and other engaging interactive activities. Its a very interactive class.

Wondering how you will keep the students engaged and eager to attend the next class?

Who doesn’t want to be loved and appreciated? We take our commitment to children very seriously. And we try very hard as coaches, and mentors to make sure the children feel they and their ideas are always welcome.

Are there any topics that are off limits for classes?

We understand that topics like, Money, religion, politics can be polarizing. Unless, it is in the context of a child picking up a topic of his choice for discussion, our lesson plans don’t involve any active teaching of these topics. We talk about money only in the context of education.

Do you offer any online classes?

We started Future STRONG to be a relief from the omni present online life which demands us to be available 24/7. We have started classes in physical locations, so children can get OFF THE SCREEN and come ONTO THE SCENE. So, the simple answer is, no, we don’t offer any online classes. However, our free resources available on our blog can act as a great place for learning tips and strategies on many topics of productivity, personal management and problem solving.

Billing Questions

What is your refund policy?

We understand that, sometimes, plans change. However, we are unable to give any refunds at this time for any program subscription cancellations. We do not provide credit, refunds, or prorated billing for subscriptions that are cancelled mid semester. We reserve the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances by a case to case basis. Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make such an offer in one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.

Is paying for registration online on your website safe?

Future STRONG Academy’s credit card processors are compliant to the highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. The online school payment solution never retains access to or stores credit card information, and will never share your personal information with anyone.

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