The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature. ~ Joseph Campbell

You could’ve chosen to land your eyeballs anywhere. And yet, here you are.

So, thank you.

I never want to forget how the weight of my children feels when they playfully lie on my stomach. That’s why I started writing about my life around them. But, pretty soon, I realized that I had to become a better person if I want to raise well rounded children.                          

I started reading everything I could get my hands on to learn about life. I realized that I had to acknowledge my own dreams of winning the Nobel Prize if I want to empower my children to believe in themselves. I had to sustain my own goals before I could nurture their potential. I began writing everything down to turn this space into actionable advice for living an optimal life. 

I started asking questions like, “Do I matter?” and “What can I offer the world?” And found myself on a path to finding the purpose of my life while having the most positive impact on humanity. I even found a 13 year old girl, Charline, who is willing to ride along on this journey. Namasté. 

~ Rachana Nadella-Somayajula

If we all connect and stop the bullying, the wars, the racism… It would help everyone of us, including me. I am just an average teenager who is working towards making all this nonsense stop. I am helping Future STRONG, by writing children’s books about all kinds of children, making podcasts to talk about everyday life problems and sharing recipes to grow up with a healthy body and mind.
Our big mission at Future STRONG is to make our world stronger by showing the true power of connection and collaboration. So, when you see someone tomorrow being called names because of their religion, or come across someone in the street who is being treated like dirt because of the color of their skin, we hope you will stand up for them, and not be afraid to do so.

Together we can support one another and together we can make our Future STRONG.

~ Charline Apard

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