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This is the story of Mo. Mo is his name and it is short for Moksh. Mo is a happy little dude.

But lately he was worried. That night was Christmas eve. Staring into the sky, he sobbed silently. Next to him was his favorite stuffed turtle Coca.

Suddenly he saw something that he thought was a shooting star in the sky. He was 8 but he knew what it was, momma had told him, that when you see it and wish for something, you get what you want. So he closed his eyes and wished for a lot of things. He did not have enough time to think of just one must-have, so he prayed for everything.

Home during Christmas

Home during Christmas

The next morning, he did not remember most of what he asked for, but he thought he would wait and see. Santa was too busy and he had very little money for all the kids in the world momma said, but she had also told him that he was a very kind man and he always tried his best. Mo did not know what to make of it.

He crept under the Christmas tree and cleared the lighting to find his most favorite Transformer Bumble Bee standing there inside the yellow wrapping paper. He quickly finished breakfast and played with him all morning. Coca sat in the middle of the living room and watched as Mo thumped and jumped the car on him repeatedly.

The Transformers - Bumblebee

The Transformers – Bumblebee

Mommy gave him his favorite foods to eat, she did not seem to insist on anything, just his regular best foods, fruit snack, chocolate milk, an oatmeal bar, and a cheese toast for lunch?! He was amused. No big, funny looking veggie kebabs or thick spicy chicken pieces. He seemed to like his day.

In the afternoon as he grew tired, he asked if he could go to the zoo instead of taking of the nap. No one ordered him to get under the sheets, they just picked  him up, Bumble Bee and Coca and rushed to the zoo. The giraffes, the elephant and the tiny grasshopper on his jacket were amazing enough to keep him occupied. The thought of getting dragged to a Botanical garden and long waits in lines did cross his mind, so this one seemed to be a special day! And the best part, there were no rules!

Later, Daddy suggested that they should eat out on Christmas, but what was to be open on such a holiday?! One quick check and he found that there was a Disney show at the local Arena with cheese pizza dinner for kids.

Disney on Ice - Toy Story 3

Disney on Ice – Toy Story 3

At the show, Mo asked, “Daddy, can I ask Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head to come home?! It will be so much fun!”

“Yes, of course honey, why don’t we go backstage after the show and invite them for a bed time story!”

Sure enough, they had to make space for Mr and Mrs. Potato Head in their car to drive them home.

Mo wondered if there was that one chore that he was supposed to do before bed time every night, waiting for him at home. Like yesterday, he had to bring the BIG hand soap bottle from the bathroom cupboard and set it up next to the sink for mommy to fill it up in her small bottle. He still remembered how heavy it was!

At home, there was no TV! He was feeling sad, when someone knocked on the door and started setting up some stuff of their own at the fire place! The magician was here and he told them great stories.. Later he gave them lots of colors and paper to paint with! His younger brother and he painted a lot and messed up their pajamas. Still nothing, every one seemed to be pleased with them!

The Magician

The Magician and his puppets

The grandparents who were visiting were obviously pleased as always, but the daddy and the mommy seemed to enjoy the mess this time around.

Soon, it felt like it was time to go to bed. Mo offered to check into his room without much prodding.

Lioness M

Lioness M: Mo gets little brother’s help to paint

“Did you have a great day Mo?!”

“Yes Daddy! Daddy, do you know what I can do?! I can say, One, two and three up to Ten in Spanish! UNO DOS TRES CUATRO CINCO SEIS SIETE OCHO NUEVE DIEZ .. ”

In one breath! Ah!

“Great, that’s lovely Mo! Did Ms. Massey teach you that?!”

“No daddy, Hunter did! He is from Puerto Rico! Daddy, can we go to Puerto Rico?!”

Puerto Rico

Holidays in Puerto Rico

“Yes, of course, I will book a cruise tomorrow and we all can go!
Now, you go to sleep because the doctor called and now they have your favorite orange color cast ready (for your broken right arm). He told me they can put it on you tomorrow if you can be there early.”

And off he went, his small inflatable tent waiting for him in his room. It was going to be his makeshift home for that night, and the glow stars on its roof made for a perfect night! Mo soon went to sleep smiling.. Tucked in between his favorite Coca and his new best favorite Bumble Bee.

Now, do you all remember the shooting star that night?!
Santa was on his sledge flying from one home to another, delivering his packages and gifts to all the kids of the world. And when Mo saw him up in the sky he mistook him for a shooting star! Santa figured out what would be the best toy for him, so he got him one!

Do you know what Mo got?!
A dream catcher..!!



Dream big and persevere.. And, you can be a Rock Star if you want to be!

Good night kiddos!

Sun rays and the Dreamcatcher

Sun rays and the Dreamcatcher

The story ends here, but the Dream catcher comes with an expiry date, the kids figure it out eventually as schools reopen and rules get enforced as usual – Home and school, there is no escape! :) However, they don’t stop dreaming, and this time, they just wish for their next dream holiday to come by sooner.. !!

Wikipedia says, “Luscious dreams pass through the center hole to the sleeping person. The bad dreams are trapped in the web, where they perish in the light of dawn.” The DREAM CATCHER has been recently made popular in populist culture by some New Age groups..

School and Grades

School and Grades


This story is submitted for the Blog Carnival for Bloggers, December 2010, Edition 7, hosted by Shafali, the Caricaturist! Thanks Shafali!

With love,
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Description of the Puerto Rico pictures:
1. Scientists gather at The Arecibo Observatory: Home to the largest single-aperture telescope ever constructed;
2. El Yunque National Forest: Average rainfall yields 160 billion gallons (605 billion liters) annually;
3. FELICIDADES: Spanish Best Wishes

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