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  1. Trying out the last Mother Facker costume.
  2. Adrenaline rush..
  3. Psychotic pleasure imagining the victim cringe upon realising the damage to his/her privacy..
  4. Anti social behavior
  5. Spiritually and psychologically homeless
  6. Being a worthless piece of sh*t on the planet..
  7. Induction into the Cyber Crime Hall of Shame!

Aha.. you guessed it! This comes out of frustration on losing 6 years worth of emails, extremely personal documents, 14 months of blogging articles, A 1000 picture site, a social networking site credentials and to top it all, personal vindictive THREATS.. Ugghh.. I might get over it, but for now, the healing is taking its time..!!

I had this need to fight back, but, I ain’t no Gandhi!!
So, the only way I know is by writing again..!!

Thanks WordPress! Love blogging!!

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